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Ownership Structure

According to the Articles of Association of the company, shares must be registered in the name of the holder to carry voting rights. 98% of all shares are registered in the names of their holders. The share capital of Coloplast amounts to DKK 228,200,000 divided into DKK 210,200,000 B shares/210,200,000 votes and DKK 18,000,000 A shares/180,000,000 votes.

The company had 59,299 shareholders at the end of the financial year, which was 5,587 more than last year.
Institutional investors based outside Denmark held 39% of Coloplast's shares on 30 September 2023, compared to 37% a year earlier.

Distribution per 30 September 2023:

Shareholder structure 


A shares

1,000 units

B shares

1,000 units 


ship %


rights %

Holders of A shares and family

18,000   83,531  44  68  

Danish institutional investors

  15,895  4  

Foreign institutional investors

  88,887  39  23 

Coloplast A/S 1)


Other shareholders


Non-registered shareholders



18,000  210,200  100  98 

1)  The 3,539,528 shares held by Coloplast on 30 September 2023, equivalent to 2% of the share capital, are treasury shares without voting rights. 


Shares held by management 

A shares
1,000 units 

B shares
1,000 units 

Board of Directors,
non-independent directors

1,094   3,450  

Board of Directors,
independent directors

0 6  

Executive Management

0 104  

Coloplast Holding ApS 2)

14,791 52,512  


15,885   56,072

2⁾ Niels Peter Louis-Hansen, Deputy Chairman of the board (not considered an independent board member) controls 100% of the share
capital and voting rights in NPLH Holding ApS
which then holds 62.58% of the share capital and 71.13% of the voting rights in Coloplast Holding ApS. Coloplast Holding ApS holds 29.49% of the share capital in Coloplast A/S and 51.36% of the voting rights in Coloplast A/S. In addition, Niels Peter Louis-Hansen holds shares in Coloplast A/S personally and through his wholly owned company N.P. Louis-Hansen ApS bringing the aggregate ownership to the numbers stated in the table above.