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Picture of Ostomy user and swedish influencer Stina

Video library

Here you can watch the quarterly financial updates and Coloplast user videos

Coloplast quarterly financial update videos

Each quarter, we release a short video highlighting the key results from our company

Picture of Kristian Villumsen

Q2 2021/22 financial update

with Kristian Villumsen - President & CEO

Picture of Anders Lonning-Skovgaard

Q1 2021/22 financial update

with Anders Lonning-Skovgaard - Executive Vice President, CFO

Video of Kristian Villumsen - President & CEO

FY 2020/2021 financial update

with Kristian Villumsen - President & CEO

Coloplast user videos

Coloplast is built on the ability to listen to users’ needs – and respond with solutions that make their lives easier

Video of influencer Stina from Sweden

Stina's story

Ostomy care user
Video of Continence care user Tabitha.

Tabitha's story

Continence care user
Video of Wound & Skin care user Flemming.

Flemming's story

Wound and skin care user
Video of Interventional Urology user Brian.

Brian's story

Interventional urology user
Joakim from Sweden

Joakim's story

Provox Life user