IR policy
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IR Policy

Coloplast’s IR policy sets the overall guidelines on how to communicate with investors, analysts, and other IR stakeholders

Coloplast’s IR policy sets the overall guidelines on how to communicate with investors, analysts, and other IR stakeholders. The policy focuses on clear and open communication and actively uses for that purpose. Coloplast wants to be open about the markets we serve ensuring that stakeholders can obtain an accurate understanding of Coloplast’s financial and strategic performance, as well as the opportunities and risks.


Coloplast complies, at all times, with the disclosure regulation for listed companies on NASDAQ Copenhagen.


IR principles of communication Coloplast publishes all stock price-sensitive information as legally required and subsequently releases the information on our website and via distribution systems. Certain non-stock price sensitive information is also made available on our website.


In addition to written communication, we engage in dialogue through webcasts, conference calls, and investor meetings. When invited, we also participate in conferences and meetings arranged for institutional and private investors. We host a Capital Markets Day every 1-2 years as needed, where representatives from Coloplast present a broader picture of one or more specific activities and where analysts and institutional investors are invited. The information to the market includes:


  • Full-year and interim financial statements and the annual report
  • Replies to inquiries from equity analysts, investors, and shareholders
  • Site visits by investors and equity analysts
  • Presentations to Danish and foreign investors
  • Capital markets days for analysts and investors
  • Conference calls in connection with the release of financial statements
  • Special investor section at Coloplast's corporate website

The IR department of Coloplast is available for questions and information by phone or email. Contact details can be found on Questions are answered to the extent that they do not require disclosure of non-public information, conflict with considerations of competitiveness, or could otherwise damage Coloplast.


Silent period

For a period of five to seven weeks prior to the planned release of full-year and quarterly financial reports, we do not comment on matters related to financial results or expectations (the silent period).



The IR policy has been approved by Coloplast’s Board of Directors. At least once a year, Coloplast's Board of Directors and Executive Management review the principles of corporate governance originating from legislation, custom, and recommendations where a policy has been established for the communication of information to shareholders and investors. According to this policy, the Executive Management and the Corporate Communications team are responsible for the flow of information pursuant to guidelines agreed with the Board of Directors.